Thank you so much for visiting our online store. We are so happy to have you and hope you love our clothes and accessories as much as we do. Happy Haven RVA is a online and traveling boutique based out of the Richmond, Virginia area. 
Happy Haven was started by the owner Heather in fall of 2018. Heather is a mom of 5 and decided one day that she was going to follow her passion. She started Happy Haven and it has been such a journey. From going from a stay at home mom, to a full time working lady boss, she has learned and enjoyed every second of it.
Heather always enjoyed the bohemian style of clothes and always felt like it was hard to find really good pieces in store. She wanted to make an online boutique were people could always find one of a kind pieces. What makes it unique though, is Happy Haven only carries one piece of each item in particular sizing.  Because of that, we are constantly searching new vendors and getting new, one of a kind, clothing, jewelry, and accessories in to sell. 
We have big goals for Happy Haven and we encourage you to follow the journey with us on social media. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @HappyHavenRVA.